Book Club Member Creations

Our book club members all have a love of reading. Some also have bookish creations which we're pleased to spotlight.

Book club member, Chucho Jones has written the Quantam Saga series which currently includes two sci fi works in the style of raypunk. (While cyberpunk, dieselpunk & steampunk are sibling genres, raypunk has roots in the sci fi of the 1930s/40s/50s. Think aliens, jetpacks, rayguns, rockets & spacesuits.)

"Fans of Alien, Raypunk, and Gravity will love Moonscape as it opens the vast series to the Quantum Universe.

Commander Laura Hawke and crew investigates a strange signal on the moon. A signal that has manipulated her son's well-being for months. Now, she must find the answers and get safely back to Earth. However, an entity has awoken and will stop at nothing to get it's power back."

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Global notebook

13-year-old book club member, Aisha Esbhani is based in Karachi, Pakistan & has set out to read a book from every country.

"After discovering that most of the books I read as a preschooler, as an adolescent, were by a British or North American author, I wanted to explore the writers of the African continent and the tiny islands in Asia. I wanted to explore the nations of which I had never read any books. I wanted to explore stories that had been translated into English."

She is documenting her journey via Facebook: Reading Books From Every Country.