Do You Believe in Book Fairies?

Book Fairies hide new & used books around the world for people to find & read.

Have you found one of our hidden books? 

Let us know below which book & where you found it! We also encourage you to hide this same book again when you're done reading or hide another.

Would you like to become a Book Fairy & hide a book?

  1. Pick out a favorite book whether new or used. (Since we're an online book club which reads books from other countries, we suggest an international read though this isn't a requirement.)
  2. Print out this free bookmark to include with the book. You can choose to wrap the book with a ribbon if you'd like. (You can also buy stickers, ribbons & other paraphernalia from the Book Fairies directly.)
  3. Hide the book along with the bookmark. Keep the weather in mind for any outdoor locations & remember that the book should be hidden, but not too hidden. You want someone to stumble upon the book without any advanced clues.
  4. To encourage others to share some reading joy, please post a photo of the book on social media with the hashtags: #IBelieveInBookFairies #AWorldAdventureByBook (We'd also love to see the photo below & in our Facebook group.)

Help spread the joy of books & happy surprises by becoming a Book Fairy!