About Us

It all began when the founders, Beth & Mia were inspired by My Year Reading a Book from Every Country in the World, a TED Talk where the speaker discussed her realization that she'd read few books from beyond the English-speaking world. Shocked to realize their bookshelves were similarly skewed, they established an online book club to delight in A World Adventure by Book reading books from other countries. Ivor joined the book club soon after its creation & then became a moderator after 2 years as an active book club member.

Photo courtesy of Michael Rothschild

Photo courtesy of Michael Rothschild

Beth McCrea

Beth loves shaping tech & delights in her career as a VP of Product Management. In her spare time, she's a world traveler, a voracious reader, an amateur photographer & an avid scuba diver who's lucky enough to write for Scuba Diver Life.

Seeing life as an adventure, she seeks out off-the-beaten-path locations in her quest to explore her NYC home & travel the world.

Beth also happily functions as the admin for this web site as well as the primary admin for the online book club.

Beth's Favorite Foreign Reads

She devours science fiction & fantasy interspersed with scuba diving books, historical fiction, food-based books, detective novels, travel books, literature, & poetry. Beth possesses a penchant for Arthurian legends & stays on top of trends by amusing herself with tech/business books.

Photo courtesy of Jose Chaveco

Photo courtesy of Jose Chaveco

Mia DeGiovine Chaveco

Mia devotes herself to others as a Registered Nurse living in Charleston, South Carolina. She's also a firm believer in self improvement & has returned to school while working full-time.

Married to the love of her life (Jose), her family became complete with the arrival of her daughter, Autumn. Her life is full with yoga, salsa dancing, books, movies & music. Mia is also passionate about cooking/eating vegetarian food. She wishes she could travel more, but adores reading the world as a substitute.

Mia enthusiastically acts as the online book club's co-admin.

Mia's Favorite Foreign Reads

She reads for pleasure, but also to expand her mind often preferring literature, memoirs, & philosophical books. Mia also likes to dabble in historical fiction & biographies.


Photo courtesy of Elaine Lee

Ivor Watkins

Originally from London, Ivor moved to a rural area of Scotland where he works as an IT Project Manager & lives with his 3 cats in a sometimes drafty cottage midway between Edinburgh & Glasgow.

In a happy relationship, he & his good lady, Elaine hope to retire together to a cottage by the sea filled with books & animals. Ivor is a passionate reader & believes that nothing cures the day’s ills like a good book, coffee, & cake. His other interests include food, foreign/art house films, music, creative writing, fountain pens, & being open to new knowledge & cultural experiences.

Ivor joined this book club right at the very beginning. After 2 years as an active book club member, he became a wonderful moderator for the club.

Ivor’s Favorite Foreign Reads

He enjoys crime novels along with fiction, sci fi, poetry, history, science, & memoirs. Inspired by his mother, Ivor has also always had a soft spot for foreign authors.