Frequently Asked Questions

Bookish questions answered online
  1. What books have you reading & do you have any favorites?
    Here's the full reading list which continues to grow. Here are Beth's favorite foreign reads. Mia's list is here
  2. Will we read more than one book per country?
    Nope, but we will decide as a community which book to read & there will be 5 other books from that country listed if you want to dive in deeper.
  3. How often will we read a book?
    We'll read one book every month.
  4. How do you decide which book to read?
    The book club exists to read books from outside of the US to expand our literary knowledge. Beth & Mia select the country & then scour the libraries/Internet to unearth the best books across genres. A list of 6 books is compiled as follows:
    - Beth will suggest 2 books
    - Mia will suggest 2 books
    - We'll use 2 suggestions from community members

    Then, the community votes on which book we’ll read.
  5. How do you decide which book suggestions to use from community members?
    - If more than 2 books are suggested, the entire list of suggestions will be entered into a lottery with 2 randomly chosen.
    - If fewer than 2 books are suggested, than Mia/I will add to the list to ensure a total of 6 books is compiled.
    - If more than 1 suggestion is provided by a single member, Mia & I will choose the book we feel will work best for the book club.

  6. What's the book club's schedule?
    - Start reading the book at the beginning of the month & discuss at month's end for 5 days.
    - The middle of the month is when we'll vote on which book to read next so you'll have enough time to buy/borrow the book. 
    - Anytime for other bookish posts & discussions regardless of country.
  7. Are there requirements for the types of books read?
    We stand firm in this regard. All books must:
    - Largely occur in the country specified unless the world described is an alternate universe
    - Be written by an author born there who has spent a good portion of their life there
    - Exist in paperback & ebook available on both Amazon & Kindle at least in the US & hopefully elsewhere

    We'll strive to read a variety of genres.
  8. You include links to buy the books in the US, UK & Canada. Can you include links for my country as well?
    Let us know what country you're from & we'll see what we can do.
  9. My country doesn't sell a particular book on Amazon. What can I do?
    Amazon informed us that anyone in any country can purchase a book from any Amazon site. There are some limitations, but this should work well in the majority of cases especially if you own have a Kindle. You can even adjust the currency. For example: Canadians can purchase The Last Wish from the US & the UK Amazon site since they can't purchase it from the Canadian one. 
  10. Who the heck are Beth & Mia?
    Beth is the web site/book club admin & Mia is the moderator. Beth & Mia met in Central NJ when they were teenagers. More info is included about them on the About Us page.