About Us

It all began when we were inspired by My Year Reading a Book from Every Country in the World, a TED Talk where the speaker discussed her realization that she'd read very few books from beyond the English-speaking world. Shocked to realize our bookshelves were similarly skewed, we established an online book club to delight in A World Adventure by Book reading books from other countries.

Beth McCrea

 Photo courtesy of Michael Rothschild

Photo courtesy of Michael Rothschild

Beth loves shaping tech & delights in her career as a VP of Product Management. In her spare time, she's a world traveler, a voracious reader, an amateur photographer & an avid scuba diver who's lucky enough to write for Scuba Diver Life.

Seeing life as an adventure, she seeks out off-the-beaten-path locations in her quest to explore her NYC home & travel the world.

Beth also happily functions as the admin for both the online book club as well as this web site.

Beth's favorite foreign reads

She devours science fiction & fantasy interspersed with scuba diving books, historical fiction, food-based books, detective novels, travel books & poetry. Beth possesses a penchant for Arthurian legends & stays on top of trends by amusing herself with tech/business books.

Mia DeGiovine Chaveco

 Photo courtesy of Jose Chaveco

Photo courtesy of Jose Chaveco

Mia devotes herself to others as a Registered Nurse living in Charleston, South Carolina. She's also a firm believer in self improvement & has returned to school while working full-time.

Married to the love of her life (Jose), her family became complete with the arrival of her daughter, Autumn. Her life is full with yoga, salsa dancing, books, movies & music. Mia is also passionate about cooking/eating vegetarian food. She wishes she could travel more, but adores reading the world as a substitute.

Mia enthusiastically acts as the online book club's moderator.

Mia's Favorite Foreign Reads

She reads for pleasure, but also to expand her mind often preferring literature, memoirs & philosophical books. Mia also likes to dabble in historical fiction & biographies.