Introduction & Guidelines (in Story Format!)

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there lived two girls named Beth McCrea & Mia Degiovine Chaveco. They created an online book club kingdom called, A World Adventure by Book where all the people would read a book from every country around the world. While most of their talks happened on Facebook, they also forged a web site to house all of the book information & other resources for their book club land.

A boy named Ivor Watkins soon came upon their kingdom & loved it verily. After spending a long time in the land, he joined Beth & Mia to merrily rule the kingdom.

Every month, the people of the book club kingdom would read a book from another country & then discuss it for 5 days starting the last day of the month. In the middle of the month, all the people would suggest & then vote on which book to read next. Do you want to know what books the people of the kingdom read? Well, boys & girls, here's the book they’re reading this month & here's their global reading list.

Beth, Mia, & Ivor encouraged the people of the kingdom to create new posts & discussions on any bookish topic as well as sign their name to the scroll listing the people who like to visit the land called Goodreads. They also solemnly vowed to the people to always be around to answer questions in the kingdom & through their magical contact form which is similar to a magic mirror, but more practical.

But most importantly, Beth, Mia, & Ivor made up rules for the book club kingdom which they hung up for all the land to see. These rules were:

  1. No required reading & no book shaming:
    We don't allow people to shame others because of the books they read or don't read. In addition, you never have to read or discuss the book club monthly book. Reading should be fun so if you're not enjoying the book or just don't feel like reading it, it's ok. We'll still love you.

  2. Spam:
    Won't be tolerated. Note: The only time promotion posts are allowed are in the “promote” posts created every so often by Beth/Mia/Ivor which have special rules allowing members to include comments with links to anything. Though bookish promotions are preferred, members can post on any topic within that specific thread.

  3. Posts:
    You can post on any bookish topic foreign or domestic.

  4. Keep it friendly:
    It's a book club community, not a battle.

  5. Spoilers:
    If you want to discuss a book either don't include a spoiler or make sure to warn people with a SPOILER ALERT! Exception: An official book club book discussion led by Beth or Mia.

All the people of the book club kingdom knew that if anyone didn't follow the rules, their posts/comments would be destroyed...probably by dragons! They also knew that if they continued to disregard the rules, they'd be banished from the book club kingdom forever!

But they all got along so well, that Beth, Mia, Ivor, & the people of the online book club kingdom lived happily ever after.

The End