A Fantastic Replacement for OverDrive is Here

Meet Libby.

I adore OverDrive. I've used it to borrow books from my library for years. I listen to borrowed audiobooks on the OverDrive app & borrow ebooks from the app to then read on my Kindle. But there's a new kid in town & her name's Libby. She's looking to replace OverDrive in your heart & on your mobile device/laptop.

You may be surprised to find out that OverDrive is even welcoming her to the world. That's because they're the ones who built her. Yep, they're replacing OverDrive with Libby!

So What's the difference between OverDrive & Libby?

You get all of the same basic functionality you've learned to love with OverDrive, but a far better experience with Libby. Libby has a cleaner user interface & is less confusing. Since she's more streamlined than OverDrive, she's also quicker to use. In addition, you can easily toggle between libraries if you hold cards from multiple institutions & Libby even allows for different cardholders within the same family. She's also pretty d*mn cute! Even the name "Libby" is sweet since it's also short for library.

Like any new product, there is some room for improvement such as more sophisticated formatting options. However, I loved Libby so much that she has replaced OverDrive on my phone & my computer.

Happy reading!


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