Great International Audiobooks

We're of course fans of global reading, but finding a great international book with a wonderful translator…that’s also available as an audiobook with a compelling narrator? That's difficult! 

However, we've managed to compile a list of 16 great international audiobooks below for some happy listening.

Funny German mystery with a supernatural element

A multi-generational Colombian work of fiction with touches of magical realism

A moving story from South Africa about a Zulu pastor, his son, & racial injustice

An Israeli autobiographic mystery about the Holocaust

Classic fiction from British India with a full cast performance

A charming German fantasy about magic, romance, & time travel

A poignant account of war from the 1st Belarusian to win a Nobel Prize

A memoir from a devout Saudi woman who became a courageous leader

Engaging political fiction about a soldier in a Siberian labor camp

A Canadian children's classic which even adults love

Classic French science fiction from a beloved master storyteller

A Turkish love story in 1920's Istanbul inspired by the author's family history

Inspirational poetic essays written by a Lebanese philosopher

An autobiography both sad & hilarious written by a South African comedian

Beautifully-written Turkish literature with a view into Sufi Mysticism

A magical tale from a Turkish author set during the height of the Ottoman Empire