Hide a Book Day with Goodreads & The Book Fairies!

Fun Hide a Book stickers on a gifted book

Have you seen the posts of people (like Emma Watson) who plant beloved books for strangers to randomly find & read? Well, we're joining in with Goodreads & The Book Fairies on Hide A Book Day to spread a love of reading & brighten someone's day.

Want to Participate in Hide a Book Day on Sept. 18?

  1. Let us know you'd like to join in.
  2. We'll send you a (free) special sticker or bookmark wherever you are in the world.*
  3. Pick out one of your favorite books—perhaps a book you read for our book club still in good condition or a newly bought copy of another book. Either way, we suggest an international read. :)
  4. On Sept. 18, you'll hide the book along with the sticker/bookmark. You can choose to wrap the book with a ribbon if you'd like. (You can also buy Book Fairies ribbons and other paraphernalia.) Keep the weather in mind for any outdoor locations & remember that the books should be hidden, but not too hidden. You want someone to stumble upon the book without any advance clues.
  5. Post a photo of the book in our Facebook group as well as on social media with the hashtags: 
    #HideABookDay #IBelieveInBookFairies #AWorldAdventureByBook

Help spread the joy of books & happy surprises by joining in!

Special thanks to book club member, Stacey Wood who inspired me to do something selfless for someone else as a gift to her on her birthday. Happy birthday, Stacey!

*Open to book club members only. We'll send Book Fairies/Goodreads stickers to the first 11 people who wish to participate. We'll send all others including our international book club members, a special bookmark electronically to download & print out.