Libraries with Non-resident Borrowing Privileges!

Did you know there are libraries which allow you to borrow from them even if you're not a resident of their city, state or even country

Yep, you can get a library card for eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, music, movies & even online classes from libraries nowhere near you! Some libraries offer these cards for free while others charge an annual fee on a per person or per household basis.

If you then couple your library cards with the free Library Browser Extension, you'll immediately see whether books you're viewing online (e.g., via Amazon, Goodreads, Audible, etc.) are available via the library cards you have.

Just make sure to read the important notes below before you get one of these cards.

Important Notes

Do your due diligence! Before signing up for any non-resident library card (even the ones listed below), double-check that:

  • The library card doesn't need to be picked up and/or renewed at the library.
  • eBooks & other downloadable materials can be borrowed with this specific card.
  • eBooks are available in the format you need for the device you use.
  • The online catalog has the books you like & enough to last a year.
  • The length of the wait lists & length of time to borrow books all work for you.
  • You're clear about the fee. (Note: The fees listed for the libraries below are correct as of September 2017, but can change at any time.)

If You're in the US: Free Library Cards

"Sister" libraries in your area or your state may offer you free library cards so see if you can snag of one these first.

  • If you already belong to a library, ask them if they have reciprocal borrowing set-up with any other library systems.
  • Find out if any libraries in your state offer library cards for those outside of the library's local area, but still inside the state. Try contacting your state library about this or the library systems inside the biggest cities in your state.

If You're in the US: Library Cards for a Fee

The following libraries appear to offer non-resident library cards for a fee to anyone in the US without the need to pick up the card at the library:

Florida, Orange County Library System
$75/3 months, $100/6 months or $125/year. Note: To stop spammers, they ask a question on the form about what county OCLS is in. The answer is "Orange" since OCLS stands for Orange County Library System.

Maryland, Enoch Pratt Free Library

New York, Brooklyn Public Library

New York, Monroe County Library System

North Carolina, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
$45/household/year or $35/year for adults 62 years & older

Pennsylvania, Free Library of Philadelphia

Texas, Houston Public Library
$20/6 months or $40/year

Virginia, Fairfax County Public Library

If you're outside the US

I'm thrilled I was able to find 2 library systems that allow people from outside the US the chance to borrow books.

Florida, Orange County Library System
$75/3 months, $100/6 months or $125/year Note: When applying, select the check box next to "Out of Country" to enter in your address & please be aware that they ask a question on the form about what county OCLS is in to stop spammers. The answer is "Orange" since OCLS stands for Orange County Library System.

Pennsylvania, Free Library of Philadelphia
$50/year. Note: This is likely the larger library of the two since it's the 14th biggest library in the US. You can't sign up through their regular online process, but you can contact them via this form requesting a library card noting you live in a different country. They will then send you a way to pay for the card online. 

If you have any libraries to add to this list, please let us know.

Happy reading!