Silent Reading Parties for Adults

It's called many different names around the country & the world. Regardless of the program title, the intent is the same—to develop fluent readers by providing time during the school day for kids to read quietly for an hour.

But did you know that silent reading parties for adults are a thing as well?

Thought to be invented by Christopher Frizzelle of Seattle 7 or 8 years ago, silent reading parties were created as a way to promote the fun/importance of reading & generally take place monthly. Often held at cozy bars with couches & plenty of other seating, you can grab a drink & read in comfortable silence for an hour or two among fellow book lovers.

BYOB has a different meaning for these events--it's Bring Your Own Book as attendees don’t read the same novel. Most of the time, attendees are not even expected to discuss what they’re reading. It's just pure reading as a community in a shared space. 

These "parties" are perfect for people who like companionable silence while they read. They are also inclusive without being intrusive. You can show up, read & leave without saying a word if you wish. Some events are quiet with only a occasional hushed question or comment.  Some merge the ideas of reading & party with a time for introductions to your fellow readers/their books, an hour of quiet reading & then optional mingling afterwards. A few events even offer a free book swap. Occasionally, people even end up hanging out reading & discussing books all night long.

If a silent reading party appeals to you, look for one in your area on the Silent Book Club site, through an online search (using phrases like silent reading party & silent book club) or via social media. The Silent Book Club also offers tips to help you create a club in your area if none currently exist.

I'm sad to say that though two such silent reading groups exist in NYC where I reside, neither have any new events planned so let me know if attend a silent reading party so I can live vicariously through your bookish self. 

Happy reading!