Tips & Tricks for using Facebook groups

Tips & tricks for using Facebook groups

Use these tips & tricks to get the most out of your Facebook groups, like our online book club.

1. Add the Facebook Group to your favorites so you can find it easily.

2. Find important posts pinned to the top of the page. On mobile, this post is collapsed & simply says "View Pinned Post".

3. You can save posts to read later on by selecting the down arrow on the upper right & then "Save post". 

4. You can search for posts in the group using the "Search this group" feature:

  • By the name of a Group member to see all the posts they commented on or created. (And you can even search using your own name to find all of your activity in the group.)
  • By a word to see all the posts mentioning that word. Note: Related words are sometimes included as well (e.g., "trip" when you search for "travel", both "read" & "reading" when you search for "read", etc.).
  • By a phrase. If you search for a phrase with quotes around it (e.g., "science fiction"), then posts with that exact phrase will appear. Otherwise, posts with one or more of the words will appear.

5. You can add someone to the group only if they are a friend of yours or a friend of someone else in the group.

6. If you find a post objectionable, you can report it in 3 ways:

  • Select the down arrow on the top right of the post & then select "Report to Admin". This sends a note to the group admin who can help you.
  • Tag the name of the group admin or moderator on the post using the "@" sign & their name. For A World Adventure by Book, that's @Beth McCrea or @Mia Degiovine Chaveco.
  • Select the down arrow on the top right of the post & then select "Report post". This sends a note to Facebook. We recommend only using this if you've been unsuccessful contacting the group admin.