What Book Should We Read from Spain?

We received 4 wonderful suggestions this month from book club members, but we ran into a problem while trying to encode the video which depicted the random selection of 2 books of those books. This is unusual as we have been using this tool successfully for 2 years. We didn’t want to re-do the random selection as we felt that wouldn’t be fair so instead, here’s what we’re offering instead:

  • We received 4 suggestions (from Beth Cummings, Caity Greig, Markey Jones, & Kimberley Palsat—thanks, guys!)

  • If you’ve checked out our random selection videos before, you’ll know that when the selection process is complete, the remaining books shown on the screen are the ones not selected. Therefore, this screenshot of the remaining 2 books not selected along with the encoding error screenshot can serve as proof of the random selection process. (jfyi: The 2 books not included in the final list of 6 will be included in a list of alternative selections from Spain which we’ll publish in August.)

Our final list of 6 books is a lovely one containing a variety of genres, but before we get to the vote first…

A Poetic Interlude

As noted by the Culture Trip, José Martí was born to poor Spanish immigrant parents in 1853. Martí’s writings are creative & gripping, with many short and memorable lines, as well as long and complex sentences, creating a compelling rhythm and flow.

Below is his poem, Sueño Despierto (I Dream Awake) as well as an English translation.

Day and night
I always dream with open eyes
And on top of the foaming waves
Of the wide turbulent sea,
And on the rolling
Desert sands,
And merrily riding on the gentle neck
Of a mighty lion,
Monarch of my heart,
I always see a floating child
Who is calling me!
— José Martí
Yo sueño con los ojos
Abiertos, y de día
Y noche siempre sueño.
Y sobre las espumas
Del ancho mar revuelto,
Y por entre las crespas
Arenas del desierto,
Y del león pujante,
Monarca de mi pecho,
Montado alegremente
Sobre el sumiso cuello.
Un niño que me llama
Flotando siempre veo!


You can vote from now until Wed., July 24 11PM ET. (That's NYC time. See this converted to your local time below.)

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To participate:

1. Review the books.

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We'll publish the anonymous results afterwards so you can get the book in advance.