Which Palestinian Book Should We Read?

As previously noted, we've chosen a duo to read in January & February which are highly contested: Palestine & Israel. From the comments posted in the book club & privately messaged to me, many of you are as interested in this subject matter as we are. You seem just as thrilled & nervous to discuss these controversial topics which leads me to an important point.

While the books we select all have overwhelming positive reviews, it's important to turn a critical eye when deciding which Palestinian & Israeli books you want to read because they are such hot topics. Is that glowing 5-star review just included because that person is pro-Palestine (or next month, pro-Israel)? Is that horribly negative 1-star review only written because that person is from a country where there is a specific bias? These are the things to keep in mind when choosing your books. 

But one thing most can agree on is that food is the great uniter. I remember licking the sticky honey off of my fingers after devouring treats that my Palestinian boss brought back to the US from an Israeli bakery.  I still adore eating at Tanoreen, a Brooklyn restaurant run by a renowned Palestinian chef & recommended by a Jewish friend. (Side note: If you're in the area, I highly recommend you visit this restaurant which serves New York's most highly-rated Middle Eastern food. If not, the chef's cookbook included here is just as delightful. )

Now onto the Voting!

This month, you'll be choosing among memoirs, literature & collections of short stories. Special thanks to book club members, Jo Jackson & Shivalaxmi Arumugham who suggested two of these books!

You can vote until Tues., Dec. 26 11PM ET. (That's NYC time. See this converted to your local time below.)

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To participate:

1. Review the books.

2. Then, click here to vote.

We'll publish the anonymous results afterwards so you can get the book in advance.