12 Solid Reasons You'll Love an eReader/Kindle

Kindle eReader

I adore the smell of books, but a gift of a Kindle one year turned me from an eBook hater to a huge proponent.

I believed eReaders would tire my eyes like a computer screen or iPad, but they offer a screen made for reading. With it's "E Ink" technology, the Kindle in particular reads like paper.

Today, I convinced someone to buy their first eReader. Here are the solid reasons I gave to join the eBook army & why you'll love an eReader/Kindle.

1. Access to a larger world of books at your fingertips. Electronically obtain books no longer in print or only available in print in a few countries. 

2. You'll spend far less money. eBooks cost less money & tons of free eBook sites exist from Kindle Unlimited to BookBub.

3. No need to charge your eReader daily as with your phone. Most only require a single charge to last weeks & you can extend the time by turning off the wireless.

4. You won't run of out reading material. No new books on hand? Download one immediately anywhere.  (All Kindles come with WiFi, but you can also purchase one with FREE 3G which works almost any place on Earth. I bought a book while on a tiny island halfway around the globe.)

5. eBooks embody environmentally friendliness. No paper=no tree cut down & nothing manufactured. 

6. Smaller or hard to read print won't bother you. Simply adjust the text size or the font.

7. An eReader can fit in your purse, briefcase, backpack or even your pocket.

8. You can read free samples of books before you buy.

9. Many eReaders are backlit making it easy to read in dim light or complete darkness.

10. If you accidentally attempt to purchase an Amazon book you've already bought, your Kindle will notify you beforehand.

11. You can still love your library & enjoy more convenience! Yep, libraries lend eBooks which you can borrow while at home or on vacation.

12. No library fines. Libraries automatically return eBooks by their due date. And if you haven't completed the book on time, don't connect your device to the Internet & the eBook won't be removed. Still no fine & more time to read.

I've never known anyone to switch over to a good eReader & regret it. And remember, it doesn't preclude you from reading a paper-based book, but you may end up falling in love with eBooks that you end up reading 99% of your books this way.

Final note: I cherish my current Kindle Voyager & I loved my previous Kindle Paperwhite. Don't be snookered into the expensive Kindle Oasis. The Paperwhite? Delightful. The Voyage? A bit nicer, but pricier.

(Here are 13 more reasons which are bound to convince you if haven't yet made up your mind to buy an eReader.)