Curious About the Unique Flag of the Country We'll Be Reading in May?

Zimbabwe flag

Before 1980, Zimbabwe was alternately known as Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia & Zimbabwe Rhodesia before becoming the Republic of Zimbabwe as it's known today (after the historical stone structures called "Great Zimbabwe", the largest in Africa after the pyramids of Egypt). And this flag was adopted.

  • The red stripes represent the blood shed for independence. 
  • The yellow stripes represent the country's mineral wealth.
  • The green stripes symbolize Zimbabwe's agriculture & land.
  • The black stripe represents the African people.
  • The bird is a national symbol & represents a soapstone statuette of the bird found at the Great Zimbabwe archaeological site.
  • The red star behind the bird represents socialism.
  • The white triangle behind the red star stands for peace.

Weird fact: Zimbabwe has banned the use of its own flag.