Indie Bookshops for eBooks!

Independent bookshops (aka indie bookshops) have always been lauded for providing that personal touch curating the perfect books. They're also a great place to learn about what’s happening in the community. Most importantly, when you spend money at an indie bookstore, you're supporting your local economy &, oftentimes, independent authors instead of big corporations.

But did you know that you can choose indie book shops for ebooks as well? I wasn't aware of this until book club member, Lorna Taylor kindly shared that info for the UK. After some online sleuthing, I found that this was also avaialble in the US & I love that I now have a choice.

Buying ebooks from your local indie bookshop is easy:

If you're in the US, visit Indie Bound.

If you're in the UK, visit The Indie eBook Shop.

And if you're from another country, you may also find an indie ebook shop with some online searching. If you do, please send us the link.