Someone New will Help Us Run the Book Club

A World Adventure by Book just had its second year anniversary since we first created it in November 2016! Since that time, I (Beth) have been functioning as the admin of this web site & the admin of the online book club while Mia acted as the moderator for the book club.

With your help, we’ve adventured by book to 9.34% of the world, grown our global reading list to almost 200 books, & gained over 500 members!

But there was someone who found us in our very first month when we were still a tiny club which only had 7 members.

Someone who…

  • Stayed with the club as we went through significant changes to figure out what worked best.

  • Continued to be actively involved in the club throughout these two years creating new posts on a regular basis, voting every month on which book we should read, & regularly interacting with other club members on their posts & comments.

  • We think is perfect to help us run the online book club.

  • Has a name & profile picture we think you’ll all recognize.

Who is that someone?

It’s Ivor Watkins & we’re thrilled to announce that he will now be helping us run the online book club!

This is Ivor’s current Facebook profile image.

Ivor will begin functioning as a moderator in our Facebook group while Mia will now become a co-admin. I’ll continue in my role as admin of this web site & primary admin for the group.

Since Ivor is based in Scotland, he will also provide coverage in the book club for a different time zone & will also lend even more of an international flavor to the club. Check out Ivor’s mini bio on our About Us page to read more about him!

So What will Ivor be doing in the book club specifically?

Functionally, Ivor will be doing many of the things in the online book club you see Mia & I doing such as creating new posts & commenting on members’ posts.

He will also help us with some of the things that happen behind the scenes. For example: Adding new members, getting rid of spam, answering club member questions, making sure we stay on top of the changes Facebook makes to groups, etc.).

In addition, while Mia & I will continue to lead the monthly book discussions, Ivor will become a more active participant. He’ll also be in the rotation with Mia & I to choose which country the club will read. (Every month, we choose the country & then the book club compiles a list of 6 possible books for the club to read. Members vote on that list & the winning book is what we officially read & discuss as a group.)

When it’s Ivor’s turn to choose the country:

  • Ivor will include 2 book suggestions.

  • Mia & I will each include a single suggestion.

  • We’ll use 2 suggestions from book club members.

When it’s Mia’s or my turn to choose a country, it’ll work as it always has:

  • Mia & I will each include 2 suggestions.

  • We’ll use 2 suggestions from book club members.

We believe the addition of Ivor to the team will help us keep the book club running smoothly as we continue to grow. It’s a lot of work & none of us are paid to do it so we couldn’t be happier that he is willing to help.

Please join us in congratulating Ivor on his new role in the book club!