The Icelandic Book We're Reading is...

Iceland is famed for its mysteries & while searching for a good book suggestion, I found an Icelandic mystery television series which everyone from Amazon to Rotten Tomatoes to the NY Times adores! As The Independent notes, it's "dark, dramatic, eerie, compelling & excellently acted." And season one is included for free with Amazon Prime!
I added it to my watch list after seeing the trailer below.

View the series on Amazon US | UK

Now from that lead in, you may think that I mentioned this mystery series in television form to go along with a mystery in book form chosen by our club to read next. Instead, I included it because I thought the chilly Icelandic noir above would be a nice counterpoint to the book below.

Which Book Will We Be Reading in August?

Long-listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2014

"In Butterflies in November, internationally best-selling author Auur Ava lafsdttir crafts a 'funny, moving, and occasionally bizarre exploration of life's upheavals and reversals' (Financial Times).

After a day of being dumped - twice - and accidentally killing a goose, a young woman yearns for a tropical vacation far away from the chaos of her life. Instead, her plans are thrown off course by her best friend's four-year-old deaf-mute son, thrust into her reluctant care. But when the boy chooses the winning numbers for a lottery ticket, the two of them set off on a road trip across Iceland with a glove compartment stuffed full of their jackpot earnings. Along the way, they encounter black sand beaches, cucumber farms, lava fields, flocks of sheep, an Estonian choir, a falconer, a hitchhiker, and both of her exes desperate for another chance. As she and the boy grow closer, what began as a spontaneous adventure unexpectedly and profoundly changes the way she views her past and charts her future.

Butterflies in November is a blackly comic, charming, and uplifting tale of friends and lovers, motherhood, and self-discovery."

(A special thank you to book club member, Karen Vingan for the suggestion.)