Voting Is "Finnished" ;) & Here's Our June Book

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When your votes were tallied, there was a tie for 1st place: The Summer Book & The Blood of Angels. Because of this, we created a new rule: Mia & I will break any tie by choosing the novel we think is best for the book club.

Both books were suggested by club members & looked fantastic, but we chose The Blood of Angels because it's science fiction which we haven't read much of & it's an eco-thriller (with a hint of magic) which we haven't read at all.

"Another novel from the award-winning author of Troll & a powerhouse of the Finnish science fiction & fantasy scene.

It is claimed Einstein said that if bees disappear from the earth, mankind has four years left. When bee-vanishings of unprecedented scale hit the U.S., Orvo, a Finnish beekeeper, knows where it will lead. And when he sees the queen dead in his hives, it's clear the epidemic has spread to Europe, & the world is coming to an end. Orvo's knowledge of bees just may enable him to glimpse a solution to catastrophe: he takes a desperate step onto a path where only he & the bees know the way but it propels him into conflict with his estranged, but much-loved son, a committed animal activist. A magical plunge into the myth of death & immortality, this is a tale of human blindness in the face of devastation—& the inevitable."

(A special thank you to book club member, Caity Greig for the suggestion.)

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