Which Portuguese Book Should We Read?

I have only been to two types of Portuguese restaurants. The first is in the Portuguese "lunch paradise of Newark, New Jersey's Ironbound section" as Saveur Magazine calls it, waxing poetic about the "family-run restaurants with their long lunches, and unfancy, but deeply delicious food." This is the food my father adored in an area he grew up in so it became even more special. The second type of restaurant is quite different offering high-end cuisine in its establishment graced with two Michelin stars.

So imagine my surprise when I came upon cookbooks from both of these while looking for a great Portuguese book. However, it was the latter restaurant's book I truly enjoyed due to its decadent wine-based dessert recipes. Two favorites include Vinho Verde Poached Plums (whoever heard of poaching plums in white wine?) and—separately—the Port Caramel sauce, an intensely flavored caramel made with Portugal's world-renowned fortified wine which I drizzled onto ice cream. Yum!

But now onto the books. This month we received 3 book suggestions from members so randomly chose 2 of them as shown here in this screencast. Thank you to all the members who sent in suggestions!


You can vote until Sun., Apr. 29 11PM ET. (That's NYC time. See this converted to your local time below.)

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