The Winning Book from Portugal is...

It was a photo finish with the top 3 books separated by just hundredths of a point! The chosen book beat out the 2nd book by .04 while the 2nd book beat out the 3rd book also by .04.


But before we get into which book won, let's watch a quirky, Portuguese music video.

That bearded man pictured above who's singing in the video wrote the lyrics to that song. In fact, he wrote the lyrics to all the songs on the band Os Quais' album, Meio Disco which is pretty cool considering he's also the author of the book we'll be reading in May.


Prize-winning author Jacinto Lucas Pires has written a dream of a book—part murder mystery, part satire, & part hallucination. 

"The favored prostitute of Lisbon’s rich and powerful has been found dead amid austerity protests in Portugal, and down-on-his-luck actor Americo, who has just won the role of a lifetime playing Paul Giamatti in the avant-garde film Being Paul Giamatti, is the prime suspect.

Abril seeks the real killer, and he grapples with what it means to be Paul Giamatti. Confounded by the role he plays in the film and the roles that he plays in real life—weary dad, blocked artist, henpecked husband, miserable lover, wanted man—Abril struggles to hold together himself, his family, and his country.

The True Actor, the English debut by award-winning Portuguese author Jacinto Lucas Pires, manages both a postmodern boondoggle and a touching story of identity and love and loss in austerity-era Portugal."