Which Sudanese Book Should We Read Next?

In June, we'll be reading a book from Sudan, not to be confused with South Sudan. Until 2011, they were one country, but following decades of civil war, the southern section seceded becoming the new nation of South Sudan.

Today, conflict & horror continues to plague both countries. The Sudan is often in the news with disturbing headlines just this month including Sudan is about to Execute a Teen for Defending Herself Against Rape & The Horror that the World Ignores. So no matter which book is selected for June's read, it will be a powerful & likely shocking one.

Special thanks to Elke Richelsen & Ester Elbert for their Sudanese book suggestions.


You can vote until Sat., May 26 11PM ET. (That's NYC time. See this converted to your local time below.)

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To participate:

1. Review the books.

2. Then, click here to vote.

We'll publish the anonymous results afterwards so you can get the book in advance.